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ensky My Neighbor TOTORO Pull-Back Collection - Small TOTORO PBC-13


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Produced by ensky

New friends have been added to the popular pullback toys for adults "Pulback Collection". 

"Pull back" = "Roll while rolling back", various places run while moving. 
The new works this time are "A Toshie Small Totoro" and "Acorn Totoro". 
I reproduce the movement in the work. 
I want to run many times in a small and cute movement. 

The legs move back and forth and run while shaking 
their eyes.I reproduce the appearance that I was chased by Mei-Chan, though it should not have been noticed in the transparent appearance. 
Shake your eyes left and right, and run stutters. 

Size: about 40 × 30 × 33 mm 
Material: ABS, PVC, M 

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