Tomytec Tomica Limited Vintage 1/64 Isuzu Elf High-Floor Platform 1964 Nippon Express LV-190a


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Material: Metal & Plastic

Scale 1:64

For Age: More than 15 years old

● Part of the loading platform is a new mold!
● Metallic frame and carrier make it attractive
-You can enjoy a diorama with a doll!

Last year, Isuzu Elf wants to celebrate his 60th birthday. The first model, which has a striking robot-like look, is a famous car that not only promoted the use of diesel engines for light trucks, but also built the format of Japanese light trucks that continues to the present. After the birth of 1959, the details of the front grille and other parts have been changed while advancing the development of variations, but in 1965 the headlights were changed to 4 lights. It was a long-selling product until the second touch in 1968.

TLV commercialized a low-floor truck with two-lamp headlights in FY2019. This time, we changed the shape of the loading platform to make it flat and raised. 190a is a popular Nippon Express color. You can also enjoy it with the 187b Toyopet Masterline. The 191a is a late-type 4-lamp type. Each comes with a doll, so you can enjoy a little diorama.

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