anello® Japan Square Mini Rucksack


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Square type mini rucksack using polyester canvas made of heat-resistant yarn that brings out a unique texture. Square × Small size feeling is cute. Cow suede pulls tighten the whole impression. You can put in and out with one hand even with you carrying on the back Side fasteners & side pockets that come with plenty are also outstanding functionality. It is also recommended for commuting to school. 

Material: Polyester 
Weight: Approx 400 g 
Capacity: Approximately 10 L 
Opening Main: Fastener

size side Vertical Machi
F 21 cm 31 cm 11 cm
※ Estimated size: A4 size possibility 
possession possession length: 30cm 
shoulder cord length : 41 ~ 83cm 

[pocket number] 
main mouth × 1 
inside pocket × 4 
outside pocket × 3 
direct coupled fastener × 1 

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