Anpanman Rice Ball Maker Set Made in Japan 4549660036623


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[How to use] 
(1) Set a tray on the bottom of the outer frame, filling rice and fried rice a lot. 
(2) Push the lid and press the rice on the pan. 
(3) Remove the lid and turn it over, push the tray and push the rice ball out. 
(4) Remove the tray and topple to finish. Let's make eye and eyebrows, nose, mouth by winding glue on the side and using your favorite equipment. 

【Set Details】
Anpanman · Curry Panaman · Shokuman Mang: 1 each 
【Anpanman Musubi Raw Materials】
Heat tolerance · · · about -30 to 100 degrees 
· Use only by children May cause unexpected accidents. Be sure to use it under the supervision of a parent. 
· Please keep it after reaching out of reach of small children.

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