Belly Tights Inner - Pink


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Size S ~ LL (free size)
Materials / Ingredients 75% nylon, 20% polypropylene, 5% polyurethane
Country of Origin Japan
Comments A belly band appeared in the tights inner series that hit last year! 
Heating the stomach where blood and internal organs gather, whole body warmly. 
Excellent thermal insulation and warmth, firmly warm with just winding one. 
It fits comfortably with elasticity like tights. Tights 
Thin and hard to hide in the outer, it is also recommended when going out. 

It is warmer thanks to 
line usage with tights inner series underwear (170 - 349) and leggings (170 - 360) .
Remarks Do not use chlorine bleach. 
Please do not put on the washing liquid together with something of different color for a long time. 
Please use cleaning net when washing.

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