COCONE Japan Flower Scissors with Stationery Stand and Tray - Yellow


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The scissors are made in Seki-City (Japan) that is famous for cutlery products.

Tray for paper clips, erasers, sticky notes storage

Stand for pens, rulers, glue sticks

Length (pot): 17 cm 
Total length (scissors): 15.5 cm
Materials / Ingredients Blade: stainless steel, 
cutlery: steel, 
handle: PP, elastomer, 
bowl: PP
Country of Origin Japan
Comments cocone is an office scissors with a motif of house plants. Just putting it in the office or in the living room makes me feel like being healed. Plant-type scissors are sharp gems with sharp edges with carefully bladed one craftsman in Gifu prefecture Seki city. Clip and sticky notes on the shallow tray of the flower pot stand, Suguremono can put pen and ruler in the deep hole. 

Everyday, scissors that are not settled in the room, if you are cocone, you will want to return the scissors to the flowerpot stand. It is a product that will become "clean up" just like a child who wants to clean up even children. 

The scissors are made in Seki-city (Japan) that is famous for cutlery products. 
You can put clip and sticky note in tray and you can put put pens and rulers in stationery stand. 

You feel like putting the scissors back into this stationery stand unconsciously. 

These goods decorate on the desk brilliantly. And cocone is most suitable as a gift for an important person.

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