Dream Poems "夢詩集" Wallet - Black Made in Japan 587-134-15-00


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Size : 8cm x 9cm x 2cm

Material : Cowhide

Country of Origin : Japan

With the theme of "Elegant and easy to use for comfortable everyday", beautifully delicate embroidered bags and leather accessories series.
A series of elegant and fine bags and accessories around the bag, with a delicate multicolor embroidery on one point applied to soft leather which gets used to hand as much as used. Sized and designed with ease of use, it has been a long-selling brand with long-lasting fans since its release in 1985. 
We tanned the vulnerable leather thinly and uniformly and expressed in multicolored embroidery colorful field flowers with delicate work and advanced technology to directly embroider. 
Because we are using soft cowhide which adapts to hand as much as you use, gradually add gloss, it becomes one point of love attachment you can not let go. 


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