GUNZE M Skinning leggings pants - Navy


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Size M: Waist 64 to 70 cm 
L: Waist 69 to 77 cm 
Materials  73% cotton, 26% nylon, 1% polyurethane
Country of Origin China
Comments Cool feeling, comfortable Legipan with a smooth touch feel. 
Stretch material does not interfere with movement. 
It is an item that you can enjoy fashionable with a glitter.
Detailed Function Cool cotton blend
Detailed Spec Uncle length (9 minutes length)
Remarks Please avoid chlorine bleach, tumble dry. 
Please use a detergent containing no fluorescent agent for light color. 
Please do not wash dark colored objects with light color. 
Please rinse thoroughly. Do not 
leave it wet for a long time or 
put it in detergent liquid or water and do not wash it. 
If you wear it in wet condition it may transfer color to other things by friction etc. 
Please adjust the shape and dry. 
When printing, wearing denim or deep color, wearing, other clothing, miscellaneous goods, 
sheets of sofa or car, surrounding walls etc 
may cause color transfer, so please be careful when wearing.

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