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hacomo PUSU PUSU 3D Cardboard Model - Kyoto


Regular price $23.00 CAD

Produced By hacomo株式会社 in Japan

  • SIZE:W80×D80×H78mm


Build 3D scenes and structures simply by inserting tiny cardboard parts into a 8x8 cm field - each piece make a distinctive "PUSU PUSU" sound when slotted together.  PUSU PUSU may be small but the quality is real!  Combine pieces any way you want to create your own unique world.

Requires neither glue nor scissors - no tools needed.  Simple design enables pieces to be combined just by slotting them together.


PUSU PUSU contains small parts that are easily be sallowed.  Never give PUSU PUSU to children under the age of 3

For ages 15 and older.