KiU Rain Poncho Bohemian Blue K64-137


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Produced by KiU Japan

KiU icon item, basic rain poncho

It is packed with functions that pursue comfort, such as high water resistance, staff-sack-type storage bags, and hoods with flanges. KiU's iconic long seller item. Recommended for outdoor festivals and rain scenes.

[Dough, waterproofness] 
Water pressure resistance is 10,000mm H2O. Fabric is 100% polyester or 100% nylon. The surface of the fabric is water-repellent, and the back is TPU laminated (thermoplastic polyurethane), or polyurethane-coated to enhance the waterproof effect. Adopts a water stop fastener and applies seam tape to the seam.

[Specifications] Since 
the placket on the back of the zipper is a full zip with a button (full opening), it can be removed even while carrying a backpack. 
If you use a belt for turning sleeves, it will be a short-sleeved and light-weight, and when it is cold, it will be useful as an outer by snapping quickly. 
The hood part has a collar and high neck design, so it protects the face area firmly. 
Furthermore, you can fit just by using the drawcord at the rear, and because the fabric does not come around the face, you can maintain good visibility. 
Also equipped with a pocket on one side so you can put accessories. 
Staff sack specifications that storage bag is easy to put even if we fold roughly. 
When moving, you can carry it by attaching it to the belt or strap of the bag.

In the process of production, the position and color of the pattern may differ slightly from this image. Please note in advance.


You can fold it and carry it compactly.

Notation Front length Length width
FREE 95 cm 105 cm 150 cm

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