Miyake San Plush Toy Blanket FW-402-41


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Miyake's stuffed doll blanket appeared character growing rapidly! On the blanket are Mr. Miyake and others who are talking about "What are you doing?" With the Kansai dialect. You can use it as a little cushion ◎ big change into a stuffed animal when you put the blanket in the case. It's warm, warm, fluffy soft touch and a very comfortable throw. 

Also with a button for shoulder. It is a blanket that is easy to fall due to soft material, but it can also be wrapped around the waist and fasten the button, it can also be hung from the shoulder ◎ It is a usability-friendly specification. 

[Size] Approximately 73 × 110 cm 
[Material] 100% polyester 
[Button] 1 
[Character] Miyake san 

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