My First Pokemon Baby Tableware Set by Richell


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Enjoy your meal with Pokemon.

Baby food feast plate

It is easy to scrape and it will make it to the last minute. 

Juicy dishes are ok too.


First time cup of both hands

It is a slippery material, easy to hang on your hands.


Baby food cup of tea

Form difficult to fall down and easy to eat.


Baby spoon / fork

Easy to grasp spoon and fork


Meal time will be more fun! 
Perfect for eating and presents etc. 

It is hard to slip, it is easy to hold with soft materials, it is hard to fall down. 
Individual packaging size 29.8 × 26.2 × 8.5 H (cm)
 Capacity :
  •  Baby food cup of tea: 200 mL 
  •  First hand cup: 190 mL 
Material : polypropylene, thermoplastic elastomer 
set contents / 
 · Baby food feast plate 
 · Baby food cup 
 · Tea ceremony · First time cup 
 · Baby spoon 
 · Baby fork 
Microwave oven (some are excluded) 
Microwave · Boil · Chemical disinfection OK 
Dishwasher-dryer OK

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