Omusubi (Rice Ball) Maker Set - Shiba Inu


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Various kinds of shiba inu shaped omusubi can be made with this omusubi mold set. 
Nice set for OMUSUBI-BENTO beginners. Popular Akita Inu can be made with this set by using soy sauce flavored rice. 
Silicone rubber mat helps cutting a nori sheet out to little pieces of face parts with no fails. 
About 60 to 70g of dog face shaped onigiri can be made in one scoop.

  • [Material]
    Rice mold : polypropylene
    Seaweed & food Cutter : ABS resin
    Silicone mat : Silicone
  • [Product Size (Approx.)]
    Rice mold : H12×W7×H5 cm
    Seaweed & food Cutter : H16×W6.5×H1 cm
    Silicone mat : H7.5×W10.5×D0.2 cm
  • [Weight (Approx.)]
    Rice mold : 25g
    Seaweed & food Cutter : 25 g
    Silicone mat : 20 g
  • [Country of Origin]
  • [Set Item]
    Rice mold…1
    Seaweed & food Cutter…2
    Silicone mat…1

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