Panda Rice Ball Maker Set A-76939


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It is a set that can make cute panda rice balls popular among children. 
Rice ball type is three-dimensional type with handle. Azatsu rice can also be grasped comfortably. It is about 80 g per one. 
Since the laver cutter and ingredient cutter are set, each can be easily cut out. 
There are cute punching molds on the food cutter, so even cosmetic rice balls and lunch boxes will be cute. 
It can be used for ordinary meals and lunches.

  • 【Material (Heat resistant temperature)】
    Rice ball type (Body / push / bottom cover): Polypropylene (120 ℃) 
    Nori Cutter · Food cutter: ABS resin (80 ℃) 
    Cutter mat: Silicone rubber (180 ℃)
  • 【Product size (approx)】
    Rice ball type (main body · pushing tool · bottom cover): total length 11.5 × width 7 × height 4.5 cm 
    Nori Cutter: length 14 × width 8 × thickness 1.5 cm 
    Food cutter: length 13.5 × side 6 × thickness 1.5 cm 
    Cutter mat: length 9 × width 5.5 × thickness 0.2 cm
  • 【Weight (approx.)】
    Rice ball type (body / push / bottom cover): 30g 
    Nori seaweed cutter: 25g 
    Food cutter: 20g 
    Cutter mat: 10g
  • 【Country of Origin】
  • 【Accessory】
    Rice ball type ... 1 piece 
    Nori seaweed cutter ... 1 piece 
    Food cutter ... 1 piece 
    cutter mat ... 1 piece 
    Instructions ... description on back cover

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