Tomica Limited Vintage NEO 1/64 Diocolle 64 # Car Snap 01a Camp

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Produced by Tomytec

Scale 1/64

A camp-themed set. Surround the bonfire and play with dogs. 
Comes with 3 genders and a dog figure.
Mitsubishi Pajero is equipped with optional parts such as roof carrier and grill guard.

【set content】
1) Mitsubishi Pajero Midroof Wide VR (Tomica Limited Vintage NEO)
2) Tent
3) Bonfire
4) Cooler box
5) Low chair
6) Male figure
7) Female figure A
8) Female figure B
9) Dog (Golden Retriever)

* Pedestal, background, and wooden parts are not included.
* Pajero's auxiliary mirror is a user-installed part.

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