Tomica Limited Vintage NEO 1/64 Diocolle 64 # Car Snap 02a Car Washing

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Produced by Tomytec

Scale 1/64

-Car wash set of figures + accessories
-One minicar of exclusive color is included for each! 

Set of families to wash the Civic.
Dad wiping the body, girl watering, boy playing on a bicycle (BMX), lie down cat figure is included. Faucet, hose reel, etc. can also be combined.

【set content】
1) Honda Civic 25XT (Tomica Limited Vintage NEO)
2) Bicycle (BMX)
3) Faucet
4) Hose reel
5) Bucket
6) Boy figure
7) Girl figure
8) Dad figure
9) Cat

* Pedestal and background parts are not included.

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