Tomytec Limited Vintage 1/64 Toyopet Crown Hardtop SL 70 Year (Blue / Black) LV-192a


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Material: Metal & Plastic

Scale 1:64

For Age: More than 15 years old

-Hardtop appears in the 3rd generation Crown
● First, commercialize the late model
● Also pay attention to the leather top and decorative wheels!

The 3rd generation Crown (S50 series) produced from 1967 to 1971 completely changed the formal image that the 2 liter class domestic car had until then, and became an individual owner represented by the catch phrase "white crown". A sales strategy was taken. In particular, the 2-door hardtop body, which was added the year after its debut, strongly appealed to the people who used to ride imported cars, and decided the direction of the Crown after that.
At TLV, we have developed the 3rd generation Crown as an early model van / custom (wagon) and a late model sedan, but this time we will commercialize the MS51 type with a 2-door hardtop.

This time, we commercialized the late model, whose front and rear facial expressions changed significantly due to a minor change in 1969. The blue body will be developed as the SL of the highest grade car, and the gold body will be developed as the super deluxe of the intermediate model added from the latter model. Both reproduce the bumper with overrider and the decorative wheel of the characteristic design, and you can enjoy the expression of luxury like the '70s with the leather top set as an option.
Also, please look forward to the early model as it is planned to be developed in the future.

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