Tomytec Limited Vintage Neo 1/64 Diocolle 64 #Car Snap 04a Taxi Stand 4543736312345

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Material: Metal & Plastic

Scale 1:64

● Taxi stand with figures and accessories
-Comes with a special miniature car! 
● Take various pictures and use them on SNS!

A set with the theme of "taxi stand" in front of the station. In addition to a covered taxi stand, a signboard, taxi crew, office workers, passers-by, and tourist figures are included. A taxi vehicle in a special color will also be set, so I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of drama will be born.

【set content】
① Toyota Crown Comfort (Tomica Limited Vintage NEO)
➁ Taxi stand
③ Signboard
④ Tourists
⑤ Passersby
⑥ Office worker waiting for a taxi
➆ Crew

Recently, "shining" photos using miniature cars and toys that are suddenly becoming popular on SNS. An increasing number of people are enjoying various ideas, such as combining them with figures and scene items, rather than simply shooting them. Therefore, Tomytec proposed 1/64 scale GeoColle 64 # Car Snap.

Following "Camping," "Car wash," and "Hatsumode," a "taxi stand" where you can enjoy the scenery in front of the station appears. Under the covered platform, you can see various dramas of people waiting for a taxi. We are planning to release a "bus stop" in March 2021, so let's expand the world in front of the station alongside it.

* The fender mirror of the miniature car is a user-installed part.

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