Tomytec Limited Vintage Neo 1/64 Honda Integra 3 Door Coupe XSi 1989 (White) LV-N193c


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Material: Metal & Plastic

Scale 1:64

● Full of charm! Famous cars at the beginning of Heisei
● The low bonnet and interior modeling are also a must-see
● Coloring that is reminiscent of those days

In 1989, various famous cars were born and it is said to be the vintage year in the history of Japanese cars. In this year, which is also the first year of Heisei, new cars appeared almost every month, and all of them were cars with the ability to catch the topic. In the spring of that year, Honda sent out the second Integra. Although it was talked about in the commercial of "Kakoin Integra", the "VTEC" engine, which had a great influence on engines all over the world, was installed for the first time under the low bonnet. Equipped with a variable valve timing and lift mechanism, it achieves ultra-high performance of 160 horsepower at 1600cc. VTEC has since become a symbol of Honda cars.

In TLV-NEO, a new color will appear in the early model 3-door coupe XSi, which was released in November 2019 and was well received.
This time, it is available in two types, white, which has been a staple since that time, and gray metallic, which is often seen in town.
The popular sunroof and rear spoiler for user-installed parts are the same as the previous product.
TLV will continue to focus on the famous cars from the beginning of Heisei, so please look forward to it.

* The rear spoiler is a user-installed part.


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