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PREORDER Tomytec Limited Vintage Neo 1/64 LV-Ogikubo Tamashii Vol.8 Nissan Laurel Hardtop 2000SGX (Green) (Approx. Release Date : Oct 2021 subject to manufacturer's final decision)

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Approx. Release Date : Oct 2021 subject to manufacturer's final decision


Material: Metal & Plastic

Scale 1:64

For Age: More than 15 years old

-The second generation Laurel HT, which is still very popular, is now available!
-Reproduce the details of the previous model
● Ogikubo soul pays attention to the package

The C130 type, which appeared in 1972 as the second Laurel, has changed into a voluminous body, completely different from the European-style predecessor. By sharing the basic mechanism with the Skyline, the engine is also centered on 6 cylinders. The CM copy of "Let's run slowly, let's live slowly", which symbolizes the margin that was born as a whole, went beyond the framework of car advertising and became a word that symbolized Japan at that time. In 1973, a 2600cc engine was added along with a minor change. After the end of production, the style of the 2-door hardtop became popular, and the popularity of used cars became popular. Its popularity is now global.

TLV-NEO commercialized the second generation Laurel sedan in 2010, but this time the 2-door hardtop is reproduced with a new mold. First of all, we modeled the highest-end model SGX of the previous model. Please pay attention to the appearance peculiar to the hardtop, such as the Z-shaped line running on the side and the rear style with the tail lamps that gave birth to various nicknames.
The image color green metallic is reproduced in the "Ogikubo Soul" series. "Ogikubo Tamashii" will also include an interview article with a person related to the second generation Laurel on the package.
(Critical responsibility: Tomytec)