Tomytec Tomica Limited Vintage 1/64 Mazda Porter Cab one side open Green LV-185a


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Material: Metal & Plastic

Scale 1:64

For Age: More than 15 years old

● Early type porter cab with attractive face
● 1/64 light truck is unique to TLV
-Develop a small world with dolls and luggage

As a car unique to Japan, light trucks have been attracting attention all over the world in recent years. Light trucks began to become popular as utility vehicles in the 1960s during the 360cc era. The light truck of that time had a smaller body than it is now, and because of its simple structure it has a cute design. Among them, the Mazda Porter Cab, which was born in 1969, is still popular due to its unique look.
The Porter Cab was born as Mazda's first cab-over light truck. It was a design that was common to all Mazda cars of the time. After that, in 1977, the model was changed according to the new standard for mini vehicles, and it has been produced until 1989.

We will commercialize the porter cab of the 360cc era as a new mold for light truck Hisaisa that makes you feel "TLV". First of all, we reproduced a one-way open car with an integrated loading platform. Developed in 1973, which was changed to a water-cooled engine, and in 1976, which had the same yellow license plate as the present. In addition to the body color and license plate, each wheel is differentiated.
Also, this time, a doll and luggage (a wooden box for 185a and a drum for 185b) are specially set. It is an item that you can easily enjoy the 1/64 scale diorama world that has been getting excited recently.

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