Tomytec Tomica Limited Vintage Neo 1/64 Honda Prelude 2.0Si 1985 LV-N146c


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Material: Metal & Plastic

Scale 1:64

For Age: More than 15 years old

● A "date car" that symbolizes the '80s
● Also pay attention to the smoked sunroof

A 1980s Honda car that built a period. One of the catalysts for this breakthrough was the second-generation Prelude that appeared in 1982. Despite being an FWD vehicle, the newly developed double wishbone suspension system has been adopted to achieve a low bonnet height, which has become a hot topic for making cars that go beyond the norm, and is also equipped with Japan's first 4-wheel anti-lock brake (later ABS). It was also a breakthrough in terms of safety.
The pre-lude, which has inherited the smoked glass sunroof since the first generation and has a clear atmosphere even in commercial images, has become very popular as a car away from Japanese cars.

TLV will add new specifications to the second-generation prelude that was previously commercialized. It is a new color of the special luxury car White Luxury released in 1986 and the highest grade car 2.0Si.
The Si is a model added in 1985, and features a raised bonnet to accommodate the DOHC engine, a dedicated bumper and a grill shape.
You can reconfirm the charm of the '80s Honda car, which is said to be fashionable and slightly different.

* Door mirror and rear spoiler are user-installed parts.

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