Tomica Limited Vintage Neo 1/64 Mitsubishi Colt Galant GTO MR Orange 1970 LV-N204a


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Material: Metal & Plastic

Scale 1:64

For Age: More than 15 years old

● Birth of actual vehicle, 50th anniversary of Tomica birth
-Reproduce the initial type commercialized by Tomica at that time
● Many new parts!

A "specialty car" with a sports car-style body based on passenger cars. It is a category that was born in the United States, but in Japan, the Mitsubishi Galant GTO (the original official name was Colt Galant GTO), which was born in 1970, is said to be the first. The top-grade MR is a high-performance version of Mitsubishi's first DOHC engine, and features exterior features such as side stripes and bonnet ducts. With a minor change in 1972, the MR changed the grille, tail lamp color, body color settings, etc., and the name "Colt" was removed, and it was produced until 1973.

The year 1970 when Galan GTO appeared was also the year Tomica was born. Only Tomica was released as a popular model in 1972, and the 1/45 scale Tomica Dandy series No. 1 was also a Galant GTO. The TLV-NEO is now commercializing the same car model as a rare model in the early Tomica series. Based on the mid-to-late model that was released before, in addition to parts, the body itself has been put in to reproduce the initial model. We will develop two colors, orange, which is a representative body color of the car, and blue, which was added in 1972. Enjoy the history of real cars and Tomica.

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