SKATER Stainless Steel Thermal Lunch Jar 540ml KLDNC6


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Main Unit :Width 11.5 x Height 14cm
Exclusive Use Bag : Width 13x Height 15cm / weight (About ) 399 g
Capacity (About ) Heat retention jar : 320 ml
Middle Food Container : 220 ml
New type exclusive bag & super lightweight & compact becoming easy to carry Thermal insulated bowl Lunch box!
In a general luncher, a heat retention container and a side dish container are separated, but it is a compact type which can put containers in a rice container without disposing!
● Lunch box of popular bowl style that can be carried without bulk
● In a fashionable bowl style of hot rice and noodles!
● With packing that is hard to juice
● If you put side dishes on rice before you eat, the rice will not grow, you will be delicious with a sense of freshness!
● If you eat a noodle in a heat insulation container and eat it with a side dish when you eat, pasta and udon can be deliciously eaten!
Even when it is cold we can eat warm lunch because it can be used in winter, but because of the vacuum double structure, the coldness can be kept in summer, so it is actually superior that can be active all the year!
● The best way to bring out the thermal insulation effect is to keep the warmth long by pouring boiling water into the insulation jar before warming the jar and putting in the rice before putting the ingredients!
● Medium container only, remove the lid and microwave OK

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